Dagmar Krause

Dagmar Krause (born 1950) is a German singer and musician, an interpreter of Kurt Weill's, Bertold Brecht's and Hanns Eisler's songs. She began singing as a 14-year-old in a club in Hamburg. From the earliest days of her career she has been involved in musical experiments. In 1974 she began working with the avant-garde, leftist Henry Cow which later transformed into Art Bears. She has collaborated with News From Babel and the avant-pop Slapp Happy. She has contributed to the projects of her artist friends and has recorded numerous pioneering albums, including Babble with Kevin Coyne. She has recorded two albums dedicated to Brecht and Eisler whom she is extremely fond of. She has sung the songs from these records at such events as the Edinburgh Festival. Dagmar Krause's voice is described as unique, featured by an unusually wide range and extreme potential that allows her to express both sweetness and fragility, as well as powerful emotions. In a variety of artistic constellations he has recorded nearly sixty albums. Dagmar Krause is an exceptionally versatile artist and has featured on numerous recordings, for example the ambient house group The Grid.