Joanna Rajkowska

Joanna Rajowska (born 1968) is considered one of the most interesting Polish visual artists. She studied painting, but her projects are strongly linked to public space. Skilfully immersed in such space they are not harmonious additions, but a subversive commentary which stimulates viewers to actively reflect, for example, by using an artistic object in everyday life. Her most recent and most widely discussed works include Pozdrowienia z Alej jerozolimskich/Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue (2002-2009) and Dotleniacz/Oxygenator (2006-2007). The first project, an artificial palm situated at a roundabout in Warsaw continues to date. Dotleniacz was a pond built in an area of the former Jewish Ghetto and a traumatic site in the capital city. Despite being a temporary project it caused an important debate within society and proved that an artistic project is capable of leading to artistic discourse. The artist works on the verge of video and performance, as well as being involved in social projects (Jenin Camp in Palestine).