In 1992 Jarosław Maszewski, the charismatic creator and the teacher created at Posnanian Academy of Fine Art "the artists general levy " called Asocjacja Kółka Graniastego. The group for many years organized in Poznań para-theatre and march pasts - according to the idea of Maszewski - :to create artistic situations, to create holidays for the city, to built love, young and Mediterranean Sea".

In 2006, three years after Maruszewski passed away, some of his co-workers and friends decided to continue those ideas and they created another groups of " the artists general levy" called Asocjacja 2006.

Asocjacja 2006 - works under the artistic leading of Piotr Tetlak and they create both single artistic - theatrical urban actions - mostly as a parade and a march pasts - and open - air theatrical shows. That kind of the spectacle was "Wyprawa" (the premiere was in 2006 at MALTA Festival, directed by Lech Raczak) - reffered to the Jorge Luise Borges' motifs, the story about the immortality and death desire, living full life, craziness of gods and the history.

At the MALTA 2009 festival Asocjacja 2006 will present the show Rabin Maharal and Golem, the story about the blasphemous creation and about obedient killing according to Praha well-known and Posnanian unknown legend about Golem.

Such artists as Jakub Psuja and Ewa Tetlak, musicians - Katarzyna Klebba, Paweł Paluch, poet - Maciej Rembarz, director Lech Raczak permanently collaborate with Asocjacja 2006.