Cieszyńskie Studio Teatralne

Cieszyńskie Studio Teatralne [The Cieszyn Theatre Studio] was founded in 2000. The group has so far realised such performances as e.g. "Wschodzenie" based on the fragments of 2nd and 4th part of "Dziady" [Forefather's Eve] by Adam Mickiewicz [awarded with "Offeusz" prize at the 2003 "Malta" festival, staged at the Prague's Next Wave Theatre Festival [2000], "Na Granicy" (On the Border) Theatre Festival in Cieszyn, "Europa Forum" conference in Lucerne, Switzerland [2004], Opole Polish Classic Theatre Confrontations [2004], and in Teatr Mały in Warsaw], or "Droga Żywiecka" [Żywiec Way] ["Malta 2004", "Wioska Teatralna" International Theatre Festival in the WęgajtyTeatr Wiejski].

Apart from conducting theatrical activities, the group members actively participate in the undertakings of the "SAŁASZ" Association for the Renewal and Coexistence of Cultures. The Association enabled the realization of numerous projects on the cultural border of the Lower Beskids and Bieszczady Mountains. In 2005, in partially renovated barn in Morochów village, the members of the CST [The Cieszyn Theatre Studio] established the Theatre of Cultures Centre serving both as the theatrical space [the seat of the Morochów Theatre Festival amongst others] and a common meeting place.