Claire Croize

The choreographic path of Claire Croizé is purely physical. In her work, she does not search for situational realism. On the contrary, she persists in a peculiar excess, artificiality, lack of naturalness in the manner of movement. She remains faithful to a rigorous order of composition as a way of formulating the messages.

In 2000 she graduated from PARTS [Belgium]. Except for taking part in her own choreographies, she also danced for Etienne Guilloteau [the "Skene" spectacle was presented in the Brewery two years ago], Hooman Sharifi and Jean-Luc Ducourt. Her "Blowing Up" solo became one of the discoveries of PARTS@PARIS , as well as the event during the Junge Hunde Festival in 2002 [Monty Theater in Antwerp].