Clipa Theater & Teatr Strefa Ciszy

CLIPA THEATRE was founded in 1995 by Idit Herman, Israeli dancer and director and Dimitry Tyulpanov, Russian actor and musician. The group makes highly visual dance - theatre performances, combining new and original movement with articulate total design, which results in the creation of the surrealistic world of imagination. The group's repertoire changes each year and its main artistic interest is in site specific, collaborative and special projects. Over the years the group has created over 25 stage works and projects, which differ significantly in style and scale.

Clipa Theatre is placed among the most significant theatre groups in Israel. The group has won many prestigious awards in the area of movement theatre and performance art. Their works have been widely presented at different festivals and events all over the world.

TEATR STREFA CISZY [THE ZONE OF SILENCE THEATRE] was founded in 1993 on the initiative of Adam Ziajski. The troupe's core was formed two years later, after Adam Wojda and Przemo Prasnowski joined in. The three artists make their outdoor projects in accordance with the idea of "urban theatre". The group aims at evoking community effect, creating carnivalesque events, theatralising urban spaces and social life, as well as at establishing interactive relations between actor and audience. Teatr Strefa Ciszy gained wide renown thanks to such productions as "Judasze" ["Peepholes"], "Wodewil Miejski" ["The City Vaudeville"], "Postscriptum", "36.6" or "Nauka Latania" ["Learning To Fly"].