The banality of gestures, routines, ordinariness of everydayness can be beautiful and charming, and captivate one with its unique character. In their street performances, the Marseille-based company Artonik turn everydayness into extraordinary subject matter of art. Caroline Selig and Alain Beauchet, leaders of the ensemble (and its founders in the early-1990s), are intrigued by the street and the people in it. They draw inspiration from this obvious combination, which in their art acquires an interesting depth. In Beauchet’s words, the everyday drab reality contains basic human problems and dilemmas. Talking about problems common to everybody, they want to reach with their actions widest possible audiences. True to the idea of itinerant theatre troupes, they do not look for the elite spectator, they do not discriminate between the young and the old, the wise and the stupid, they want to talk about and to people.Although Artonik’s performances are dynamic, dazzling and amusing, they do not attract spectators with cheap, tawdry tricks; they are well-considered and artistically expressed diagnoses of everydayness.