Impetuous rhythms, ethnic sounds, captivating music. Dikanda, one of the best Polish folk bands, are going to take ‘Malta's' spectators on a colourful journey full of positive sounds, a family trip through music of the world, as in an African dialect the word Dikanda means ‘family'.

The ensemble was founded in Szczecin in 1997 by Ania Witczak, vocalist who also plays the accordion. Her love of folk tunes and melodies yielded very original artistic output. Dikanda has its own recognisable style and very interesting sound. Musical spaces created by the group refer one to the ethnic world of sounds - Music of the Four Sides of the East - as they themselves label their repertoire. The artists seek their inspiration in the sounds of Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, as well as in Jewish, Gypsy or Kurdish melodies. A characteristic feature of their style is establishment of a unique dialect, which is full of new words carrying previously unknown meanings.

Dikanda is an unusual, somewhat magical band, which enchants not only Polish listeners. The ensemble have played in the Asiatic part of Russia, in India and in most European countries. Their music has gained popularity in Western Europe, particularly in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The group have taken part in several festivals at home and abroad, and their work has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions.

The acoustic repertoire of the group captivates one with its dynamism and unique charm. The artists' charisma, temperament, as well as the passion with which they perform their music, make the band a splendid live act. Full of meaning and folk flavour, their concerts enjoy tremendous popularity and give the ensemble's numerous listeners unforgettable memories.