D.Knapik, K.Szymański, R.Piotrofska

Introduced by the Kulczyk Foundation in 2006, SOLO PROJEKT is the first residence program in Poland, whose basic mission is to support young Polish dance artists in their search for own, individualised artistic language. The program is intended for dancers and beginner choreographers, whose interests go beyond the traditionally understood "dance theatre". Particular emphasis is put upon the creative process and artistic experiment. These should bring reflection on the art of dance, and, hopefully, attempts to redefine its very notion or find new means of bodily expression. The only formal requirement, which submissions for SOLO PROJEKT 2007 competition were expected to meet, was the request to abandon all props and "confine" the set of the piece to empty space. The requirement remained in line with the motto of this year's project, which is a quote from the English choreographer Jonathan Burrows (one of the stars of the festival): "to create dance, you need two legs, two hands, but above all, a head". Three Polish artists who were awarded scholarships and resident status at the Stary Browar, have worked on their solo pieces since April.