Jakub Palacz, writer and theatre/TV actor, founded the group in 2001 at the State Theatre School in Cracow in an attempt to initiate collaboration between students of the theatre study and acting departments. From the very beginning, the group have been fascinated by Słowacki's poem Anhelli. The first, improvisation-based version of the spectacle, took the form of extreme musical. The idea of challenging the "Great Poet" through the agency of music appealed to Palacz so much that particularly for the purposes of the performance he formed ELOE, a "trans music noise band". The last step was adding multimedia elements.

It is an interesting juxtaposition of high and low culture, the sacrum and the profanum. Here is one of the most beautiful pieces by one of our greatest poets - a Biblical parable, almost a relic - converted into an experiment narrated, or rather yelled out, by actors in pain and in trance, in play and irony, by means of reciting and incantations to the accompaniment of rock music.