Declan McManus - known as Elvis Costello - started his professional career as a programmer. At present he counts among the most significant artists of the New Wave rock music. His hits: "Less Than Zero", "[I Don't Want to Go To] Chelsea", "Pump It Up" have altered the face of world punk rock for a very long time.

The 54-year old musician from London - privately married to a famous jazz singer and pianist Diane Krall - is considered one of the most interesting British artists of the turn of 1980s. His ability of uniting different genres and stylistics gave his music timeless quality. Punk rock was only a starting point on his way to true artistic development. Costello soon started breaking barriers between punk, hard rock, pop, rhythm and blues. He has never been hiding his liking for jazz, soul or even country and pop. Individually and together with The Attractions band, he creates music which falls outside any categorization and inspires musicians all over the world.
Just like many other artists, Elvis Costello has been provided with a legend connected with the beginning of his career. In 1976, unexpected and uninvited, and with a guitar in his hand, Costello stormed into the Stiff Records manager' office. A few minutes later he went out of the office with a ready contract, and a few months later he was a popular artist. His first hit was "Less Than Zero", the song that soon became a punk rock anthem, its nihilism similar to the productions by Sex Pistols and Ramones. Elvis Costello has remained an ingenious and spontaneous artist willing to search musical innovations.