Eszter Salamon - Christine de Smedt

Eszter Salamon, a Hungarian dancer and choreographer was the student of classical ballet in Budapest, later she worked in France [amongst others with: Sidonie Rochon, Mathilde Monnier and Francois Verret]. In 2001, she created her first solo project ["What A Body You Have, Honey"]. She also created "Giszell" in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. She has lived and worked in Berlin for a few years. Here, in the framework of Podevil residency, she created "Reproduction" [2004]. After the success of "Magyar tancok" [2005], Eszter Salamon realized «AND THEN» as a part of KunstenfestivaldesArts 07 and «Without You I Am Nothing» [a spectacle-concert, in collaboration with Aranxta Martinez]. The premiere of "Dance N°1" took place towards the end of May, during KunstenfestivaldesArts 08.

Cristine De Smedt has been a member of Les Ballets C. de la B. [Gent, Belgium] since 1990. She started her choreographic career in 1993 [the "La force fait l'union, fait la force" solo]. Between 2000 and 2005, she was engaged in a big choreographic project ["9x9"], realized in 15 different European and Canadian cities. At the same time she was also the artistic coordinator in Les Ballets C. de la B. De Smedt also worked with Meg Stuart for several years. Together with Meg Stuar and David Hernandez, she initiated an improvisational project "Crash Landing" [1997-1999]. Lately, she collaborated with Christelle Fillod, Milli Bitterli, Susanne Berggren and Xavier Le Roy ["Project"]. In 2005, she began a series of projects together with Eszter Salamon.