Abigail Hopkins

Abigail Hopkins comes from an artistic family (her father is the famous actor Anthony Hopkins) and it was quite clear that she would choose a similar road. As a child she learned to play classical guitar and later decided to pursue an acting career. She has featured in numerous film and theatre productions. Having gained practical and artistic experience in these on-stage experiments she returned to music and founded her own label, Possessed. In early 2003, she released her album, Smile Road, which was described by British critics as "an intriguing discovery in alternative jazz" and "a promising debut". The record was a unique combination of jazz, trip hop, folk and rock. It was followed by Blue Satin Alley (2005/2006), The Lighthouse Keeper (2007) and The Memoirs of An Outlaw (2008). Her songs are lyrical yet ironic proving the artist's gift for observing reality, also in its political and social dimension. Her theatre background provides her lyrics and music with equal meaning merging them into a complete artistic statement. Currently Abigail Hopkins is working on her new album. Apart from writing songs she is also committed to acting and directing.