God exist, the Mother is present, but they no longer care

Duration: 1h 30


Hooman Sharifi is one of the most well-known Norwegian choreographers. And the most provocative at the same time. For his team Impure Company the engaged dance become their identification sign. Their newest spectacle is not an exception but this time the artist wants not only to provoke us into action but also to appeal to our conscious. In front of our eyes the choreographer distils the usually complex conditions (sorrow, regrets, aggression, anger, and desperation) to the stadium of their basic physical symptoms and he uses them to create emotions and actions. Te spectacle is inspired by Nietzsche, Hanna Arendt, Roland Barthes and Peter Handke. The quotations from the texts accompany the spectacle in the form of video projections: the spectators have plenty of time to read them and to confront them with the actions on the stage. "Akt czytania" ("The reading act") is the inseparable part of the process which dancers and audience are subjected. "O przemocy" ("About the violence") of Hanna Arendt is a bonder of that political show.

The Sharifi spectacle is like piercing lament invoked the act of violence that isolates us from the world - the world we still want to be part of.

Marianne Van Kerkhoven

Choreography/director/sound: Hooman Sharifi

Created and performed by: Rikke Baewert, Loan Ha, Matthew William Smith, Peder Horgen

Artistic collaboration: Marianne Van Kerkhoven, Bojana Kunst

Artistic coordination: Bjorn Dirk Schluter

Text: Peter Handke, Roland Barthes, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hannah Arendt

Music: Alog (Norway)

Production: Impure Company

Co-production: Kaaitheater (Brussels), Monty (Antwerp), Baltoscandal (Rakvere), Rencontres choreographique internationales de Seine- Saint- Denis (Paris)

Support: the Norwegian Council For Cultural Affairs, The Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Thanks to: Jean Luc Ducourt, BIT-Teatergarasjen (Bergen)

Data: 24-06-2009 Godzina: 21:00

Miejsce: Stary Browar (Słodownia Studio +3)