Maria de Buenos Aires

Duration: 1h 40


Astor Piazzolli tango operita according to Horacio Ferrera libretto

„María de Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolli is a mystery play of singing tango which Małgorzata Dziewulska moves to the urban space of Posnanian Śródka.

The plot of that tango-operita is about the prostitute from Buenos Aires, Maria, who called by the bandoneon ballade and the tango rhythm appears again on earth on the streets of Bueno Aires to experience her death one more time. To become redeemed or condemn. Maria is wandering around the city which she loved. At certain moment nobody knows who actually Maria is - the prostitute or saint, alive or death. Or maybe it doesn't matter at all?

The spectacle of Małgorzata Dziewulska, which is this year's MALTA Festival production, is a great holiday of the suburbs where drama and joy of tango are combined and alternated. At night scenery changed by the visualizations made directly on the buildings around, all spectators, as well as singers, actors and the viewers are put to the captivating magic of tango. Tango is impure. There is a street, anxiety of dark lanes. There is a haste, escape and disturbing suspense in its rhythm. But there is also liberation and purification.

director: Małgorzata Dziewulska

vocal: Joanna Rawik as María de Buenos Aires and Martin Alvarado.

narration: Adam Ferency as El Goblin.

music: Wiesław Prządka (bandoneon) with the band Tango Bridge.

Data: 24,25,26-06-2009 Godzina: 22:00
Miejsce: Most Jordana