Kiedy świat był młody

Duration: 1h 30


The 90th anniversary of Wielkopolska Uprising is a source of inspiration not only for past researchers but also for artists. Theatre, in a different way than work researches, can show the essence the only Polish successful uprising during the Partitions. Thanks to emotions in the piece of art, cool historical analyses can be revived in the audience imagination.

Teatr Polski (Polish Theatre) in Poznań, which during the captivity was one of Polish mainstay, presents the premiere Paweł Kamza's authorial spectacle. The spectacle, inspirated by Wielkopolska Uprising history, is based on two, till now unpublished relations of the 1918 event's participants which was found by the director. They are value historical certificates showing German people living in Posnanian area engagement in the Polish uprising. "Kiedy świat był młody" ("When the world was young") is not only the story about the national independence spurt it's the story about love, betrayal, passion with the espionage affair in the background.

directed by Paweł Kamza

Data: 25-06-2009 Godzina: 19:30
Miejsce: Teatr Polski (scena Malarnia)