Miejski powidok

Duration: 40 min


Movements, migration and communication between the individuals... those are motives of open-air multimedia action blended into the space of Train Station Poznan Garbary. Capturing personages in the movement, urban space and elements of infrastructure of the station are becoming an inspiration to the mental trip through urban corners situated little bit further from the popular routes. During the trip crowd and individuals, city in macro and micro, imagination and reality will be contrasted.

The project "Miejski powidok" produced by the audiovisual group Oprawcy, is a trial to broaden the audience imagination. Pictures will be projected by analogue devices assisted by multimedia projectors on many screens closing the space of action. Dynamic projections will come into existence alternately with slowly, uninvasive "visual setting" background and with static picture build on unchangeable screenplay. At audio area there are processed field records, urban infrastructure sounds and authorial compositions. All pictures and sounds will be generated and mixed "live". In "Miejskim powidoku" will also appear: narrator - the guide of urban trip, and actors as well - media thanks to them the worlds of dream and reality, dead subjects and people, can penetrate each other.

Data: 25,26-06-2009 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Dworzec PKP Garbary (wejście od ulicy Północnej 1 )