Hamlet. Nella carne il silenzio

Duration: 1h 20


How should the story of Hamlet be told? Every theatre chooses its own Hamlet. Yet this is perhaps an illusion. It would be better to say that it is Hamlet himself, with his seductive power, who sets out each time to fi nd a temporary refuge for his footsteps.

At the start of our play, Hamlet speaks the lines that precede his death, without however loosening those fetters of story and legend that bind him. With their sudden metamorphoses into the characters of the tragedy, the duellers are the sentinels of events, guardians linked to the age-old remembrance of the tale; it is they who once more accompany the rhythm of his steps towards the fi nal duel with Laertes. The impossibility of "fixing" Shakespeare's text once and for all is an accepted fact.

We have chosen the version in which, after visiting his mother, meeting his father's ghost and killing Polonius, Hamlet moves towards his destiny with no meditated plans for vengeance. "There's a special providence even in the fall of a sparrow", he says on his return to Elsinor. Hamlet has before him a real time in which to move further, to procrastinate or to linger, yet he is ready at any moment to accept his destiny, and once more to cultivate his awareness of being here and now.

based on the play by William Shakespeare

director: Roberto Bacci

with: Tazio Torrini, Andrea Fiorentini, Serena Gatti, Debora Mattiello, Luigi Petrolini, Francesco Puleo, Alessandro Porcu

dramatist: Stefano Geraci

staging and costumes: Marcio Medina

costumes producer: Patrizia Bonicoli

costumes assistant producer: Silvana Marcondes

light technician: Marcello D'Agostino

music: Ares Tavolazzi

set design: Alessandro Lo Bue i Marco Viegi Dal Fiume

technical manager: Sergio Zagaglia

decorations: Stefano Franzoni

stage production: Sergio Seghettini

managment: Carlo Macchi

artistic cooperation and director's assistant: Savino Paparella

camera: Alain Volut

thanks for cooperation to: Carli Pollastrelli, Luigiego Lombardi Vallauri and Augusto Timperanza

production: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro

Data: 26,27-06-2009 Godzina: 19:00
Miejsce: OT Maski