The Bell

Group: Periplum
Duration: 50 min


A mesmerising tale of war, hope and redemption. It tells the story of warring clans in a warring land where the enemies, blinded with mutual hate, want to raze each other to the ground. The absurdity of war and the instinct to destroy may go on for ever and escalate the violence or end there and then if they choose to rebuild the world from the remaining debris. Inspired by Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev and Kurosawa's Ran the show has the power to awaken awareness of how bloody the price of fighting for one's freedom and moral choices can be. The Bell builds a suggestive dreamlike reality which creates astonishment and fear, but also admiration for its beauty.

Production: the Hastings Borough Council, the National Theatre, Made in Brighton & Winchester Hat Fair; produced with the support of the Arts Council England and Without Walls