Solo na dwie osoby

Duration: 15 min

Joanna Obuchowicz

A Fountain

i am the man that won't tell you.

ayn rand

in this undermined world, created by others

i am fi lled with a little uncertainty:

am i here for the illusion of integrity or for

myself? and i don't care a shit and i'm happy

with the shit on the grass, on the snow. slowly? yes, slowly

it all moves, nothing will match

the dryness of that beautiful self-love.

so the time of heroes being alone with themselves

has passed.

farce is the only ornament of this celebration. i build

what has long been crossed off and that's it. they

don't see me.

Karolina Wyrwał graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with Movement Studies as her specialisation. She participated in the Dancer Development programme of the Laban Centre in London and Hofesh Shechter Company Residency in Leeds. Cooperated with Berlin theatres: Thikwa Theater and Tanztheater Global. Since 2008 she has been a dancer of the Polish Dance Theatre. Conducts workshops based on Cunningham's technique within the frame of Open Classes of Contemporary Dance. She is also active in the fi eld of fi lm and photography.

choreography: Karolina Wyrwał

set design: Agnieszka Drążek, Karolina Wyrwał

music: Paul Tinsley

video: Karolina Wyrwał

dancers: Katarzyna Kulmińska, Karolina Wyrwał

Data: 26-06-2009 Godzina: 20:00, 20:30, 22:30
Miejsce: Studio Polskiego Teatru Tańca (sala nr 2)