Trzy siostry - wyobrażenie

Duration: 30 min


The atmosphere of Andrzej Adamczak's performance is built by the feeling of nonsense, suspension and inertia. The characters, taken from Chekhov's drama, make apparent acts, entangled in emotional dependence, enslaved by convention, rebellious and at the same time reconciled. They congeal like waxen fi gures in the only known reality. Inspired by "Three sisters", the author of the performance reserves that he does not mean to translate the drama into the language of movement. He is interested in the psychological side and puts most of his attention to relation between dancers. Premieres are dedicated to Conrad Drzewiecki and the 82nd anniversary of his birth.

Andrzej Adamczak is an ex-soloist of the Grand Theatre in Poznan and DNA Theatre at Szczecin Opera. Soloist at the Polish Dance Theatre since September 2001. He has choreographed several productions at the Polish Dance Theatre Atelier. He is as a teacher and choreographer in the State Ballet School in Poznan.

choreography: Andrzej Adamczak

music: Bolesław Pietraszkiewicz

set and costumes design: Mariusz Szmytkowski

premiere: 11th October 2008, Poznan

dancers: Karolina Wyrwał, Agnieszka Błacha, Anna Marek, Szymon Halik, Paweł Matyasik

Data: 26-06-2009 Godzina: 21:30
Miejsce: Studio Polskiego Teatru Tańca (dziedziniec)