Lato - Red Sun

Duration: 50 min

The sun delicately caresses our skin. We smile to these moments, as in the Garden of Eden when the fruit of sin had not separated us from the others. Our senses, stimulated by the dream of men and women, initiate the journey beyond the horizon; their eyes fixed on the road, fi lled with the morning dew, rousing anxiety. Fiction permeates into reality. Sun, my life belongs to you.

Thierry Verger

Born in New Caledonia, Thierry Verger went to France at the age of 18 to start professional dance career. Founder, dancer and choreographer of Compagnie TUNK, dance instructor at Harmonic Studio and Le Centre International Danse in Paris. Has given workshops in Europe, Israel and Japan. His style is a synthesis of modern jazz and etnocontemporary. He attaches great importance to imagination and individuality in dance.

choreography: Tierry Verger

music: collage

premiere: 20th August 2008, Poznan

dancers: Andrzej Adamczak , Karina Adamczak-Kasprzak , Agnieszka Błacha ,Potr Chudzicki, Mikołaj Dolata, Katarzyna Kowalska, Anna Marek , Paweł Malicki, Iwona Pasińska, Daniel Stryjecki , Paulina Wycichowska

Data: 26-06-2009 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Studio Polskiego Teatru Tańca (dziedziniec)