Wilson's Island

Film Show
Duration: 1h 30


Wilson's Island

Andrzej Wirth and Thomas Martius' video-essay was created at the Watermill Center. The material focuses on the relation between architecture, theatre and memory. The Watermill Center is the starting point, yet the authors also refer to Bayreuth (Wagner), Bauhaus (Gropius) and Hellerau (Palluca) - utopian places of art synthesis.

Thomas Martius - director and performer, graduate of the Institute for Applied Theater Theory in Gissen.

Andrzej Wirth - literary and theatre critic, stayed in Poland till 1966. Professor at Stanford University and the City University of New York. Founder of the Institute for Applied Theater Theory (Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft) in Gissen, Germany. Lives in Berlin and Venice.

The Watermill Center was founded in 1992 by artistic director Robert Wilson as an international, multi-disciplinary center for studies in the arts and humanities. Located in a secluded, natural setting in Southampton, Long Island, New York, the Center has established a worldwide reputation as a unique laboratory for artists, students and individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore the creative process. Through cross-disciplinary exploration, apprenticeship-style training with master artists, and creative exchange, the Watermill Center supports new work in all artistic disciplines, while inspiring a new generation of performers, artists, and global citizens.

Data: 27-06-2009 Godzina: 11:00
Miejsce: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)