Duration: 1 h


The Irrepressibles play in the wasteland of our postmodern capitalist cultural burnout, playing with the embers, crying for their ruin and making new inventions... Their name is a call to arms. They want to be part of taking us forward; they want a freedom... They do not pretend to understand you, they are only instinctive. Their noise is an ever-evolving soundscape of texture, liberated emotion and play. From the abrasive to the sublime, they have no prejudice, as they have little concern for others' defi nitions. Some say they make their own path... ...Listen?

The Irrepressibles performance orchestra present... THE LIGHT & SHADOW SPECTACLE conceived by artist & composer Jamie McDermott of The Irrepressibles. As the lights fade The Irrepressibles performance orchestra will appear & disappear inside a box of illusion... Taking reference from sun dials, the changing perspective caused by shadow, and how light and shadow can play tricks on the eye, the bare black stage will come to life elaborated with a multitude of large and small vintage bulbs that will fl are, create shadow, illuminate & ripple. Presented as fantastic silhouettes in structural avantgarde costumes by Natasa Stamatari, with makeup and hair by Nia Vernon and Wakana Yoshihara, The Irrepressibles will launch into a dramatic 1hr live performance of music taken from their up and coming debut album. With movement the orchestra will lift and extend through iconic moments of emotional intensity and playful abandon.


Jemie Mc Dermontt - vocals, guitar, artistic director, composerSarah Kershaw - piano

Jams Reyes - percussion

Jordan Hunt - violin, costumes

Charlie Stock - viola

Nicole Robson - cello

Sophie Li - double bass

Rosie Red - flute

Olivia Duque - oboe, cor anglais

Sarah Tobias - clarinet, saxophone

Data: 27-06-2009 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Pasaż Kultury (Stary Rynek)