Cultural Shows (w ramach EKO MALTA)

Duration: 3 h


In her book entitled "The Genesis of theatre in the light of cultural anthropology", Marta Steiner recalls vegetation and fertility cults that provided an impulse for first performance acts. Steiner describes the role of theatrical reflections of nature as applied by primeval hunters, shamans performing the rain dance or acting out ritual scenarios to ensure good crops. Each time, the objective is to secure the favour of natural forces, which later on were personified by divine powers. Following the trail of cultural anthropology, the guests will demonstrate the way human artistic activity was shaped under pressure from the need to master for own purposes the processes ruling the natural world. In this diachronic analysis we reach the time of contemporary weather forecasts, seen as performance events, employing a fixed set of symbols more and more often peppered with a repertoire of similes and gestures provided by the weatherman. In the discussion we shall attempt to review the way the artistic techniques used by the man to enchant the nature have evolved over the time and to analyse the relations between them.


lectures | dr Marta Steiner [UWr], prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz [UW]

discussion | lecturers + dr Jacek Wachowski [UAM], prof. Aleksander W. Mikołajczak [UAM], Bartosz Frąckowiak

facilitator | Dorota Sajewska [UW, a dramatist of Teatr Dramatyczny [Dramatic Theatre] in Warsaw]

activity | Artie Grabowski's performance

Data: 2008-06-23 Godzina: 14:00
Miejsce: Stary Rynek