Inconvenient True

Duration: 1h 40


An American documentary on global climate changes, with main focus on the effects of global warming. The documentary presents the views of Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States. It's based on a multimedia presentation that Al Gore had compiled over the years as a part of his campaign against global warming. The U.S. Vice Presidents is trying to disseminate in an accessible way the results of scientific research on the future of our planet. The lecture is interspersed with bold facts from Gore's life. It's a tale of a journey Gore has made, from a young idealistic college student, who even back then had an awareness of the increasing environmental crisis, to a young senator tackling a family tragedy that forever changed his perception of the world, to a man who almost became the U.S. President and was bold enough to resume his young days' passion. It's a story of a man whose deep conviction is that there is still time for action to be taken. Every one of us can help save the Earth, but firstly we have to open up and accept the inconvenient truth of the dangers.

Data: 2008-06-23 Godzina: 18:00
Film w ramach EKO MALTA
Miejsce: Kino Muza