Wernisaż wystawy Pierre'a Coulibefa

Pierre Coulibef


Coaching Projects: Yossi Berg i Oded Graf [Israel] & New Art Club [UK]

The following year the core program of Old Brewery New Dance at Malta is accompanied by event showing fascination with dance or artists representing other genres. This time we will invite the festival's audience to the show of excellent video-installations by a French film-maker and visual artists - Pierre Coulibeuf. We will present four of his works: "The Warriors of Beauty" [2002/2006] inspired by the choreography and theatrical creations of Jan Fabre; "Somewhere in Between" [2004/2006] an experimental film portrait transposing the research of an American choreographer Meg Stuart; "The Dark Side" [2006] adapted from choreographic proposal of Angelina Preljocaj conceived from the architecture of Rudy Ricotti's Pavillon Noir and his latest production "A Magnetic Space" [2008] inspired by a Canadian choreographer's - Benoit Lachambre - "Lugares Comunes".

The films will be opened to public view throughout the whole festival week. In the frame-work of "Movement as Text" classes, Israeli artists will manipulate the basic everyday gestures and uncover their compositional potential through improvisation. The British duet [New Art Club] on the other hand will prove that to dance, one just has to want to dance. The audience will be able to verify the hypothesis during an opened show towards the end of the festival.

Data: 2008-06-23 Godzina: 18:30
Miejsce: Stary Browar (Słodownia +2)