Théâtre Dromesko
Duration: 1h 30


Charmed with the beauty of libretto and musical composition by Jean-François Chevillard, Theatre Dromesko decided to put on a short lyrical artpiece entitled "Margot". This musical spectacle, created between 2006 and 2007, can be considered a crazy opera in which the theme of waiting makes - waiting for someone else, waiting for tomorrow, filled both with anxiety, and with hope; waiting for death, for pleasure, or for the unknown - makes the construction axle. The spectator is carried over to the world of song, of the lyrical music; entwined with a simple, yet enchanting story.

It has been months since King Henry of Navarra and his army left to fight battles in distant lands. Queen Margot is waiting for him, lonely, with a knave and lady-in-waiting as her only company; her spirit wandering away and possessed with ominous thoughts called up by the scenes from the battlefield. Théâtre Dromesko invite the audience to a frantic evening, included beyond the set frames or conventions.


music | Jean- François Chevillard on the basis of anonymous libretto

concept and direction | Teatre Dromesko

text | Jean-Paul Wenzel [cut to pieces by the Dromesko with the author's consent]

sound | Philippe Tivillier

lights | Ronan Cabon

scenery construction | Louis Yerly, Joel Perrin

accessories and painted decorations | Fabienne Killy

accessories and special effects | Wouter Zoon

costumes | Virginie Bauchet

production | Theatre Dromesko

cast of musicians | Cedric Hellstein [violin solo], Yansi Sandor [violin], Jeno Soros [dulcimer], Igor [accordion], Sandor Berki [bass]

choir | Olivier Badoit, Jean-Paul Bretzel, Jean Louis Gourdin, François Tangry

Data: 23,24,25,26,27,28-06-2008 Godzina: 19:00
Miejsce: Park Moniuszki