Fire freak comedy circus

Burnt Out Punks
Duration: 1 h


The new Burnt Out Punks show is uglier, dirtier and meaner - but at the same time more fascinating - than ever. Six circus artist, covered with scars due to severe burns, intend to cross all visual and sound limits in the middle of the night. Their show consists in breaking the limits. Here comes seventy minutes of fire folly. Music is mixed live by DJs. Everything that can burn is set on fire. The show is a mixture of immoral comedy, sheer spite, fakirism and advance circus numbers.


cast | Bjorn Olsson, Ronnie Nilsson, Nalle Laanela, Karl H Granberg, Magnus Jonsson, Svante Christell, Hans Wilhelm Christiani.

Data: 23,24-06-2008 Godzina: 21:30
Miejsce: Stary Rynek