Compagnie OFF
Duration: 30 min


Spectacular and unusual synthesis of music of the universe and soprano voice. An exceptional meeting of sound and vision.

Six monumental satellite dishes hung in the air. Intercepting and reading of fragments of cosmos messages is interwoven with lyrical singing. A totally new composition is created. By using a special interactive audio-video computer, a play of sounds and images is achieved. The antennae reflect the sound of the singer's voice and the projection of her multiplied silhouette at the same time. The audience gathering amid such setting can become the right recipient of the music of the stars.

The spectacle is a true incarnation of the Platonian idea of the music of the spheres. Plato believed that the spheres spin around the circle of the world, their movement giving out the harmonic sound. Such universe the philosopher called Cosmos. Each of the stars had its equivalent - a note. For Plato Universe was a specific cosmic score in which one could trace an infinite harmony of the world, provided that one could listen.

Music of the Spheres. Six circles - six planets, and among them a man - another heavenly body. This is how Cosmos and Logos unite.

"The Musica Humana is the relationship entertained by man with the cosmos, through harmony of the soul and body, of sensitivity and sensibility. Every planet spins around the Earth on orbits similar to the strings of the lyra: each a perfect note, forming together a perfect scale." [Pythagoras]


concept, set design, direction | Philippe Freslon

concept, music, video realisation, direction | Julien Tarride

voice and interpretation | Anne Rodier

camera, editing, vision postproduction | Orian Patterson

sound, editing | Josefina Rodriguez

lights, technical supervision | Antoine Guillaume

co-production | Le Parapluie, Centre International de Création Artistique, Aurillac. Lieux Publics, Centre Na­tional des Arts de la Rue, Marseille. Villeurbanne Spectacle Vivant / Les Invites. Remerciements au Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains [Tourcoing], et à la Fondation Royaumont. La Compagnie Off est conventionnée par Le Ministère de la Culture/DRAC Centre, La Région Centre, La Ville de Tours et subventionnée par la Communauté d'Agglomération Tour[s] +.

Data: 23,24-06-2009 Godzina: 21:30, 22:30, 23:30
Miejsce: Łąka nad Wartą (przy Moście Chrobrego)