The White Diamond

Werner Herzog
Duration: 1h 28


"The White Diamond" [2004]

A documentary about the greatest, eternal human dream - flying. It is an unusually personal story of Graham Dorrington, a lecturer in Aerospace Design at London University, whose aim is to build a dirigible that could unobtrusively explore spaces yet unspoilt by civilization. It is also a story of an expedition into the very heart of Guyana. Unafraid of long takes, Herzog is in no hurry, in no chase after the attractive quality provided by fast-paced editing. He can actively listen to people he meets and his curiosity of another person proves infectious.

The film is divided into ten chapters, the first of which - "Requiem for a dying planet" - has been an inspiration for Ernst Reijseger, whose music score for Herzog's films will also be presented at the Malta Festival this year.

Data: 2008-06-24 Hour: 18:00
Place: Kino Muza