Kavkazji Proviet

Cieszyńskie Studio Teatralne
Duration: 1h 15


Two great gurus of democratic societies, Józef Kukułka [Poland] and Vladimir Grobovoy [Russia], meet on the stage. While the first one is close to some original, the second one is a real person created - according to journalists - by the Russian special services [he won fame by "raising children - victims of the Bieslan tragedy, or sailors on board of "Kursk" Submarine, from the dead"].

The "Kavkazkij Priviet" performance is based on real conversations, street language, unofficial situations from offices, pubs, discos, or political salons and Internet discussion lists. Its reference point in making judgements about the world is Chechnya and the loneliness of its inhabitants. The artists visited camps for Chechnya refugees, and studied Chechen history and culture.

The performance sends a dramatic message: the man is not in control of himself anymore, he has become submissive and illusory. Those who were supposed to bring hope and relief, the so-called "divine messengers", simply lie.

This is the third performance - after "Wschodzenie" and "Droga Żywiecka" - in which Cieszyńskie Studio Teatralne raises the same touchy questions. Who are we? Where are we going to? What is the relation between Caucasus and Europe? Do we care about the lot of Chechnya, Tibet, North Korea or many African countries? How come we, Europeans, are so selective in our solidarity with others?


screenplay and direction | Bogusław Słupczyński

lights | Marek Gagatek

acoustic service | Janusz Zięba

cast | Dagmara Stanosz [Intelektualist], Tomasz Majorek [Józef Kukułka], Łukasz Matuszek [Kasperczyk], Szymon Pilch [Łysy], Jarosław Maszluch [Władymir Grobowoj], Bogusław Słupczyński [Feliks Edmundowicz], Katarzyna Słupczyńska [Śpiewaczka], Joanna Rakus [Dancer], Monika Serafin and co. [Czarni].

Data: 24,25-06-2008 Godzina: 19:00
Miejsce: CK Zamek (sala 102)