Duration: 50 min


"Appendix" is a theatre-film production inspired by Polish literature, as is always the case with Teatr U Przyjaciół. The group once again reached for the works by Witkacy (Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, great Polish writer and painter). The performance originated in the fascination of the author's biography and the texts of his appendices. "Appendixy" [Appendices] are Witkacy's additions, digressions, and all that can be put on the margin of his work. The seemingly marginal contents turn out to be meaningful and significant, and the diagnoses made in the performance - quite accurate. At the attic of a tenement house at ulica Mielżyńskiego the audience gets acquainted with Dusze Niemyte (Unwashed Souls): Napuszona (Puffed Up), Wygolona (Shaved Off), Wyszminkowana (With a Lipstick On), Gimnastyczna (Gymnastic), Antyradiowa (Anti-Radio) and Twierdząca (Affirmative). The series of a few monodramas is closed with the presentation of paradocumental films made in August 2003 in Zakopane. The starting point for each film were photos taken by Witkacy and his friends and later on provided with stories.

direction | Tomasz Zajcher

photos | Sylvia Pietrowiak, Mateusz Rogala

editing - postproduction | Sylvia Pietrowiak, Mateusz Rogala

cast | Karolina Brzezicka, Tomasz Zajcher, Monika Chuda, Alina Kubiak, Tomasz Matlęgiewicz, Julia Kasprzak, Zbigniew Hordecki
cast of paradocumental films about Witkacy | Robert Kałużny, Miłosz Buchowski, Iwona Szwarc-Zajcher, Agnieszka Kucewicz, Tomasz Baczyński, Damian Wilk, Miłosz Buchowski, Grzegorz Budzyński, Agnieszka Grygiel, Agnieszka Grygiel, Julia Kasprzak, Alina Kubiak, Monika Chuda, Tomasz Zajcher.

Data: 24,25-06-2008 Godzina: 20:00
Miejsce: Teatr U Przyjaciół (Mielżyńskiego 27/29)