Eszter Salamon / Christine de Smedt
Duration: 1 h

After last year's success of "Magyar Tancok", Eszter Salamon returns to Poznań with her latest spectacle. "In the frame of "Dance N°1" project, we are searching a kind of body technology based on a self-taught "Body Mind Centering" practice. The moves are produced by various shifts of focus and awareness of movement. The expression is a direct result of the movement and not opposite. Passing through several processes of observation, imagination, sensation and memory of different "body-systems", we construct the move of volatile bodies proposing the experience of constant journey between attention and intention. The body becomes here visible not through its representation but rather through continual modulation."


concept | Eszter Salamon

choreography and dance | Christine de Smedt and Eszter Salamon

lights | Sylvie Garot

music | Terre Thaemlitz

production | Alexandra Wellensiek

Data: 2008-06-24 Godzina: 21:00
Miejsce: Stary Browar (Studio Słodownia +3)