Frankenstein (A De-Monstration)

New World Performance Laboratory
Duration: 2 h


The classic story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley incorporates elements of the author's own life, the poetry of Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Milton, as well as fragments of the 18th century book by Mary Wollstonecraft about women's rights.

It is a story of a relentless battle between body, mind and soul, which are treated as separate elements of a human being. What is important for the authors is that in the course of performance the acts of creation intermingle with the acts of dying. The narration of the story emanates with amazing energy which takes the spectator into the core of events, releasing the sense of identification with the monster - through the terrifying sensation of bodily disintegration.

The performance seems like a nightmare immersed in Gothic atmosphere. The acting is not pretended, but is done in such a way as to reach the audience in a non-traditional manner.


direction | James Slowiak

costumes and stage design | Inda Blatch-Geib

lights | Chris Mariasz

cast | Jairo Cuesta, Debora Totti, Christopher Buck, Megan Elk, Jamie G. Hale, Justin Hale, Alex White, Chris Hariasz.

Data: 24,25-06-2008 Godzina: 22:30
Miejsce: OT Maski (Al. Niepodległości 26)