Granica pętli

Duration: 1h 30


"Granice pętli" [The Loop's Ends] is set on board of a tram traversing the city. At each of the marked tram stops, three spectators get on the tram. The sound layer of the performance is transmitted live to Radio Afera (Afera radio station) in the form of a radioplay. The route of the spectacle begins at Rondo Kaponiera and ends at the terminal of Poznański Szybki Tramwaj (Poznań Fast Tram) from which the spectators take a walk to the hall of the bus station.

The tram is divided into two compartments. The spectators of the first car take part in the creation of both a radioplay and a video-presentation displayed on the tram's windows. The second car is occupied by people eliminated from the first car by other passengers-participants. The tram is treated as the vehicle carrying people both through the city space and the ionosphere of radio waves.


concept | Patryk Lichota

radioplay text | Malina Przyśluga

cast | Agata Elsner, Natalia Dolata, Ewa Janicka, Mateusz Felsman, Malina Przyśluga, Robert Jarosz, Tomasz Gęstwicki, Patryk Lichota, Piotr Delimata, Piotr Boćkowski, Hubert Wińczyk, Szymon Mizera.

Data: 24,25-06-2009 Hour: 23:00
Place: (miejsce spektaklu zostanie podane przez organizatora - prosimy o kontakt z Biurem prasowym festiwalu )