Finis Terrae

Group: Divadlo Continuo
Duration: 1 h


An island in the very centre of the world. An image of an abandoned female soul in the shadow of great travellers who are always men. The soul is filled with paradoxes: it is restless yet calm, wild yet loving, passionate yet faithful as she waits like Penelope for Odysseus. The show is a visually suggestive allegorical tale of two journeys: a woman's and a man's. The limits of these journeys are set by the limits of the world in the title. While men wander across far off countries to achieve their ideal goals women dream about their travels and the places they conquer. Theirs' is an introverted passage into the depths of their visions and fascinations, as well as their fears. These two different ways of travelling reflect the archetypical need to encounter the unknown, to explore the concealed parts of the world.

Director: Pavel Štouraè

Stage Designer: Helena Štouraèová

Cast: Kateŕina Šobáòová, Kristýna Patková, Laura Martí, Lianca Pandolfini, Sarah Lerch, Martin Janda

Production: Art Prometheus, o.s., Jakub Vedral, Zuzana Bednarèiková

Première: 2009