Salto mortale

Clipa Theater & Teatr Strefa Ciszy


"Salto Mortale", a black circus for six pianos and twelve actors, is a unique funeral procession inspired by a true story of hundreds of grand pianos left on the lake shore by soldiers who had plundered the city [the story refers to the event of capturing the former German city of Stettin [now Szczecin in Poland] by the Soviet Red Army, which made the city's inhabitants flee and leave all their belongings; the soldiers were ordered to collect all grand pianos and store them in one place...].

Witnesses reported that these long forgotten and abandoned symbols of classical art were rotting with time, to eventually fall into pieces. With their decline solemn war memories are taken away and the status, romanticism and culture usually identified with the piano become irretrievably lost... to zdanie jest bez sensu. MR

Based on that image, "Salto Mortale" presents a sequence of moving pictures guided by the peculiar, depraved circus troupe who successively restore the devastated instruments, play with them, and in effect bring their form and concept to ruin.

"Salto Mortale" is a co-production between The Clipa Theatre from Tel Aviv and The Zone of Silence Theatre From Poznań, created as part of the celebration of the Polish Year in Israel.

screenplay | Teatr Strefa Ciszy

direction | Adam Ziajski

co-direction | Idit Herman

set design | Adam Wojda and Piotr Kamiński

music | SOSEN

costumes | MIXER

Data: 2008-06-25, 2008-06-26, 2008-06-27, 2008-06-28 Time: 23:00
Place: Old Slaughterhouse