Grupo Puja
Duration: 40 min


"K@osmos" is an extraordinary mid-air performance, called metaphorically the molecular cosmic dance. It is the search for energy coming from the place where the show is presented. It is also transferring this energy to the audience gathered, because the artists from Argentina and Spain act in such a way as to make each spectator experience the flow of incredible cosmic force, make everyone look in the sky and feel the universe. The artists want to express the total poetic might and beauty of the movement enchanted in the magic figure called "LA BOLA".

"K@osmos" is an extraordinary performance in which the delicacy of movement is combined with monstrous power of huge cranes. It is also the show of spectacular effects of working at heights combined with live music.


author | Roberto Strada

direction | Grupo Puja!

sound direction | Leonardo Bianchi

music | Gastón Iungmann

cast of musicians | Gastón Iungmann, Juan Colmenar, Adriano Galante, Paula Nogueira, Félix Serrano

cast of actors | Fabián Níguez, Teresa Rodriguez, José Santiago, José María Banón, Adan Garcia, Gema Segura, Isabel Dolores Teruel, Lázaro Acosta.

Data: 26,27-06-2008 Godzina: 22:00

Miejsce: Stary Rynek (przy pręgierzu)