Ivo Dimchev
Duration: 1 h


Meet one of the most promising young artists from the Balcans - a total artist, a stage chameleon, a choreographer, a composer and a performer - Ivo Dimchev! He caught the world's attention mainly due to his radical work in the field of physical theatre. As a warm-up before this theatre and dance fiesta, Ivo Dimchev will present "Concerto" - his latest, improvisational performance in which Ivo's voice and his body are confronted with the situation of a concert. In the performance dimension, the spectacle explores the possibilities of ''becoming music''. The scenic, physically tangible magic, which cannot be missed during this year's "Malta"!

His controversial masterpiece - "Lili Handel" [2005] - has been presented over 100 times, during numerous festivals and brought him the prize for the best actor at an international festival MASK [Szeged, Hungary]. Excessively theatrical "Lili Handel" exposes the body as a multi-expressional reality. He points his attention to the fact that a body is not merely a visually perceptible form. It is also the viscera. Dimchev engages a richness of expression into the uncovering of the magnitude of his ''inside'' [voice, movement, words, even his own blood], letting us experience the spectacle with all our senses. "Androgynous, demonic performer allows us to meet the body, which got into the sweetest of the habits - simultaneous joy and inability to remain oneself", wrote one of the critics of "Egoist".

Data: 2008-06-26 Godzina: 22:30
Miejsce: Stary Browar (szachownica (Pasaż))