Duration: 1h 20


The aim of the "Radioaktywni" project is to function in different dimensions of the urban space: on the air [one of the performance layers is played live during the radio programme. It is thus available to all radio set holders and linked with theatrical activities in the urban space, including the system of SMS competitions]; in specific city places [localizations will be kept secret]; in the means of transport [cars, taxis, buses, trams].
The "Radioaktywni" refers to the TV contests which are currently in fashion. In its form it is the competition intended to choose the most "radioactive" person. Each potential spectator will have to take part in the competition. What is the value of fame and popularity today? Why do we need it? Is every man special? Check it yourself - be Radioactive! Maybe it's time for your lucky 15 minutes?

screenplay | Wojciech Wiński, Ewa Kaczmarek, Kamil Macejko
direction | Wojciech Wiński, Ewa Kaczmarek.


Data: 26,27-06-2008 Godzina: 22:30
Miejsce: (the place will be announced 3 days before the premiere date on the AFERA Radio)