Solaris Electronic Opera

Raźniak Waldemar
Duration: 1h 30


What is this mysterious planet-Ocean of "Solaris" novel by Stanisław Lem? Who are the guests visiting the Solaris station?
In the postmodern reality, this seemingly unreal story deriving from Science Fiction sublimates fears and anxieties of the present-day man. Kris, a psychologist-rationalist, has to face the past he is trying to drive out of his memory, and confront the materialisation of Rheya, his late fiancée. Rheya appears as a "product" of some indefinite and incomprehensible formation - the Ocean. The experience of this kind makes Kris redefine his identity. In the face of mysterious visits, the scientists imprisoned in the civilisation vehicle set to explore the Unknown, experience some kind of paradox: the confrontation with the "impossible-real Thing" shows that the greatest mystery is still the man, his consciousness and identity.

Music is a fundamental element of the performance. While immersing the scientists in a characteristic aura, it symbolises the Ocean which penetrates their thoughts and dreams. Thanks to the new system of activating a kind of "electronic singing" stimulated by speech, the actor can interact with music. That interaction gives the performance its specific narration and, in effect, the form of opera - electronic opera.


screenplay and direction | Waldemar Raźniak

music | Karol Nepelski

costumes and set design | Eliza Woźniak, Sandra Szewczuk

cast | Wiktoria Gorodeckaja, Michał Kocurek, Łukasz Lewandowski, Jerzy Święch and 15 members of the Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Kraków, conducted by Grzegorz Wierus.

Data: 26,27-06-2008 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Drukarnia (ul. Zwierzyniecka 3)