Dance, jokes & dance jokes

New Art Club
Duration: 40 min

After the enthusiastically welcomed [in 2006] "Electric Tales", Tom Roden and Pete Shenton return to Poznań with their "Dance, Jokes & Dance Jokes" spectacle - a constantly changing, layered with colored stories and jokes from Tom's and Pete's domestic life, minimalist dance comedy for two. "A spectacle for two, which marries comedy with a choreographic minimalism and a pinch of philosophy.", as one of the critics from "The Times" would put it.

The mundane [a bird in the garden; a journey to a wedding-reception; domestic decorations; spouses' phone-calls or dad's old car] gives material for the private world of conversations between partners. A theatrical and dance spectacle - sometimes funny, sometimes hypnotic - interrupted at a point when you least expect it.


concept and cast | Tom Roden and Pete Shenton

lights | Andy Finn

production | Gwen Van Spijk

tour | Claire Morton, Joe Bates

Data: 2008-06-28 Godzina: 21:00
Miejsce: Stary Browar (Studio Słodownia +3)