Ryzyko - studium pojęcia

Duration: 40 min


Jan Peszk and Krzysztof Trzewiczek met in October 2006 while preparing an intriguing project, Bruno Schulz: 12 PRÓB. In March this year, the artists decided to take up regular collaboration on another original undertaking: the performance of Ryzyko – studium pojęcia.

It is nothing new to say that risk forms an integral part of all public appearances. We are very well familiar with questions asked by stressed artists: ”Will we make it?”, ”Will the audience accept us?”, ”How will our show go?”. Peszek and Trzewiczek have blended these countless questions into one: ”Will the appearance materialize at all?”. They have taken a close look at the notion of risk, and are trying to figure out how the phenomenon, which is traditionally considered an obstacle, can become a means of production of the performance itself. Thus, an improvising performer (Jan Peszek) takes to the stage – a specially designed interactive space – aware that each move he makes will generate a change of lighting randomly selected by the computer, each word he utters will be recorded and mixed, only to be played back at some later point in the spectacle. A risky undertaking, indeed.

Data: 2007-06-25 Godzina: 17:00, 19:00
Miejsce: Wyższa szkoła Nauk Humanistycznych i Dziennikarstwa (Rotunda na 1 piętrze)