Tony Gatlif

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Known for his music-filled episodic films about "eternal wanderers", Tony Gatlif also applies the name to himself. He admits that he is not an advocate of one's attachment to his roots, and in his work presents a vision of "the man on the move". He wants to show that by wandering, we learn how to be open to the unknown, we let ourselves be guided by people, places and events. For him, the quest itself becomes the highest value. This is why these are the Gypsies, a people permanently questing and travelling (and closest to him both in terms of culture, identity and spirit) that are the heroes of several of his films. One of them, Les Princes, about Gypsies who settled in the suburbs of Paris, let critics and world audiences notice Gatlif.

Gajdo dilo, which in Romany means "a crazy weirdo" or "an odd stranger", is the last part of Gatlif's Gypsy trilogy. Throbbing with emotions, this singularly colourful picture tells a story of a young Parisian, who arrives in Romania looking for a Gypsy singer. In an interesting and subtle way, Gatlif raises the question of tolerance, and touches upon the subject of mutual penetration of cultures.

Transylvania also talks about a heroine at a meeting point of two cultures: French and Italian; she too makes a trip to Romania (!). Although it is evident that Tony Gatlif's work concentrates on a certain range of problems, in none of his other films, is the problem of the woman and her emotionality emphasized so beautifully. Made up of loosely structured episodes, the whole is very dynamic and full of trance-sending, dance music.

Exils is a film about flight from people, feelings, from oneself. It is a story of contemporary outcasts, loners lost in the world, for whom only the moments of absolute oblivion, of losing oneself in a trance, are the ones deprived of the feeling of strangeness.

In Vengo, Gatlif was able to render the entire beauty and spontaneity of the flamenco. This impetuous, wild dance becomes an element to interweave the fortunes, joys and tragedies of different people.


Data: 2007-06-25 Godzina: 17:00 Czas trwania: 30 min
Spotkanie z Tony Gatlifem prowadzi Agnieszka Koperniak
Miejsce: Kino Muza
Data: 2007-06-25 Godzina: 17:30 Czas trwania: 1h 42 min
Pokaz filmu "Gadjo Dilo"
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Data: 2007-06-27 Godzina: 20:30 Czas trwania: 1h 43 min
Pokaz filmu "Transylwania"
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Data: 2007-06-28 Godzina: 20:30 Czas trwania: 1h44 min
Pokaz filmu "Exils"
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Data: 2007-06-29 Godzina: 20:30 Czas trwania: 1h 30 min
Pokaz filmu "Vengo"
Miejsce: Kino Muza