Do you fit for Stary Browar?



Vernissage, part of "OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE ON THE 'MALTA' - 2007" project

New, very important elements of this year's edition of the STARY BROWAR NEW DANCE ON THE ‘MALTA' program are the accompanying events. On the one hand, they draw one's attention to the activity of dancers in other fields of art; on the other, to the fascination with dance revealed by other artists. Besides coaching for professional dancers and choreographers given by Palle Dyrvall (choreographer-performer working with Alain Platel, Jan Fabre and others; we are also going to see his performance on 30 June), you are cordially welcome to an exhibition of photographs by Lisa Rastl, Contemporary Choreographers' Feet, whose original idea came from the Viennese choreographer Willi Dorner, who is very well known to Polish audiences. Pictures of feet of such choreography celebrities as Steve Paxton, Meg Stuart, Mark Tompkins, Lloyd Newson, Alain Platel or Nir Ben Gal, constitute a pictorial treatise on the contemporary dance, as well as an interesting attempt to grasp the essence of the art from a different perspective. It is also worthwhile to see (and take part!) in an audiovisual installation by Swiss artists of the PAK collective. It questions the common conviction about the elite character of contemporary dance, and through a series of "theatrical fitness" exercises - emotional, physical, verbal, and social - develops skills indispensable to any viewer. And all this under a perverse and provocative title Are You Fit For Stary Browar? To find the answer, visit Stary Browar during this year's edition of NEW DANCE ON THE ‘MALTA'.

Data: 2007-06-25 Hour: 20:30
Place: Stary Browar (Słodownia +2)