All-Night Event

DJ Stankoś & MICK-O-WHY


Krzysztof Stankowski, aka DJ Stankoś, has for over seven years actively contributed to the musical life of our town and country. He runs different events: from regular club events (after all, he is permanent resident of “Muchos Potatos”, “Morphin” and “Agawa”), through motorcycle rallies, all the way to festivals. His world is closeness of the microphone to people whom he affords excellent entertainment. He stresses that he always tries to listen to the audience and offer them what they want most. What he himself likes to listen to most is rhythm and blues, rock&roll, and presently, latino.And just like last year, throughout the entire festival,

DJ Stankoś and mick-O-why, one of the best DJs of the Poznań club scene, who, in turn, leans towards positive house sound, shall run our crazy Parties till (broad) daylight

Data: 25,26,27,28,29,30-06-2007 Godzina: 24:00
Miejsce: Jezioro MALTA (Klub Festiwalowy, namiot za tablicą wyników)