Couple Like

Choreography: Keren Levi
Ugo Dehaes
Duration: 45 min


Couple-like is a journey of two people who want to be one. They meet and observe one another to see what makes them different. This leads to a series of physical combinations, stimulated also by breathing. The figures overlap and loose their separate contours smoothly transforming into a single shape, a single irregular form. The motto of the show comes from a song by Lou Reed: "I'm sticking with you 'cause I'm made of glue." It explores the various combinations of the harmonising bodies, the changeable waves and intensities of emotions in a relationship between two people, the subsequent stages of that relationship. Not a single word is uttered. There are no props on stage. The stage set is simple. It is the corporeal compositions that create images which take the viewer into a world of tenderness, trust and caresses.

choreography, interpretation: Ugo Dehaes, Keren Levi
lighting design: Arne Lievens
costumes: Lies Maréchal /Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes
music: Tom Parkinson
production: Kwaad Bloed Vzw, Grand Theatre Groningen
co-production: Kunstencentrum Vooruit , Danswerkplaats Amsterdam