Dennis Hernández was born, brought up and musically educated (he plays the trumpet) in Havana. Member of a number of well-known bands – Lucrecia, Ojos de Brujo, Big Band Jaz Terrassa, Barcelona Jazz Orqestra, Oscar Valdés y Diákara – he has also collaborated with outstanding musicians from all over the world: Paquito de Rivera, Slide Hampton, Dennis Rowland, Frank Wess, Claudio Roditti, Chano Dominguez, Jerry Gonzalez, Micheael Bubble, to name just a few. In 2004, in Barcelona, he founded a group called Radio Malaga. The band play Musica Mestiza (Music of the World), which term probably best describes the music Dennis has been busy writing with remarkable passion and dedication. It is a fusion of energetic styles, above all jazz, funk, cha cha cha, reggae and Afrobeat. Surely, these hot and lively rhythms will not let us stand still and make us join the frenetic dance at the Festival Club.

the band: Dennis Hernández – trumpet; Justino Miranda – drums; Marcin Chenczke - double bass; Krzysztof Dys - piano
Data: 2007-06-25 Godzina: 24:00
Miejsce: Jezioro MALTA (Klub Festiwalowy, namiot za tablicą wyników)