Muchy is a fine example showing that heated debates over a pint of the it-would-be-cool-to-do-something type need not always come to naught. They turned from talking to doing, and since 2004 have been playing simple, garage-like rock with a touch of punk rhythms. In 2005 they recorded their debut demo, and in 2006, “Machina” monthly and Polish Radio’s influential Channel 3 hailed the band “Discovery of the Year”. In their music, the lads from Poznań refer to the already legendary rock acts like The Smiths or The Cure, or ones on the verge of success, like Bloc Party, The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. They draw lyrical inspiration from the tradition of rock’n’roll poetry by Jarek Janiszewski, Grzegorz Ciechowski, Morrissey, Serge Gainsbourg or Jim Morrison.

the band: Michał Wiraszko – gitara, śpiew, guitar, vocals, lyrics, Piotr Maciejewski – bass, vocals, keyboards, Szymon Waliszewski – drums

Data: 2007-06-26 Godzina: 21:00

Miejsce: Scena nad Maltą/Trybuny ziemne